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We follow a 4 year crop rotation to ensure the health of the soil is maintained. If crops are monocultured (example if soybeans are grown year-after-year in the same field) then both the crop yields and soil health suffer. It is very important to rotate crops so that disease and insect pressure doesn’t build up in the soil and resistance does not occur.



We grow field corn, unlike the sweet corn you buy at your local supermarket. Most of our corn is sold to local feed mills (that grind the corn into livestock feed), export markets, ethanol plants, and corn sweetener manufacturers.



We grow both Roundup Ready soybeans and conventional Food Grade soybeans on the farm. The conventional food grade soybeans are typically sold into the export market and often end up in Japan or somewhere else in south east Asia. The Roundup Ready soybeans almost entirely go to a local soybean crushing plant in Hamilton where they are processed into soybean oil and soybean meal.



We primarily grow Canadian Eastern Soft Red Winter wheat. All of our wheat is grown to milling quality so it goes to local flour mills and also for export through ports in Hamilton and Port Colborne.

Cover Crops

We grow some other crops like red clover but these are used as “green manure” and for nutrient cycling. These crops are grown to improve the health and structure of the soil and stop soil degradation. We typically plow these crops under before planting the next crop. so we do whatever we can to keep our soils healthy..

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